U of S, outside

U of S(Information)

U of S is the only school in all the game without Director's Cut. here, you can do Kate's last mission(after get a ring)  You can get INT here.

U of S (inside and outside)

You can study with Tutor Tim, spending only 25$ of your money, and get +4 INT. Or you can study in the class for $165, and get +14 INT

There is also a Gym where you can workout for 20$ and earning +1 STR.

At outside, you can see a group of students and a cheerleader. You can see Kate when everybody exits.


Assistant Greg: Nothing.

Professor Longbotton: You can pay him to study

Professor Ansel: Mission to get all 4D objects 

Justin Chejrw: Nothing.

Andre: Nothing 

McMarshall Luhan: Nothing...

Tutor Tim: You can pay him to study

Kyle: Gives book to complete a mission

Cheerleader: Nothing. 

Ricky: Nothing.

Paul: Nothing.

Sharky McSwigglestick: Nothing.

Canuck No.1:Nothing.

Canuck No.2: Nothing.

Slate: Pay him to use the gym

Kate: Can be married