Obtaining Unobtainium

Unobtainium is an object that is purchased from The Contraband Salesman[1] for $450,000.

If you have the Discount Shopper cheat enabled, you can buy it for 225,000.

You can find the Contraband Salesman[2] behind Skye's Bar[3] at evening and night selling many rare items, including the Doomsday Glock[4].


It can be used to upgrade the Weathered Sledge Hammer[5] to the Heavy Sledge Hammer[6]or the  Heavy Sledge Hammer[7] to the Super Sledge.

To do this, bring the weaker sledgehammer along with the unobtainium to the laundromat, and speak to 'Recon' Bob Yewlaiter[8].

Description It's really heavy; looks like some kind of super-dense element.


Contraband salesman

Unobtainuim at the bottom-left corner.