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Hello, I'm BandAnnaCCP, but you can call me Anneliese.

I am a staff member of these wikis.

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In these eyes of mine, inside a world you thought you'd never find, I'll be here waiting for you, just take my hand, take my hand!

Guten tag, ich bin Anneliese Brandt, an asshole on a computer, also known as BandAnnaCCP, BrandtAccount96, Brandy, Anorexia, Glasses, also known as whatever the hell I'm going by at this moment. All of these Gen Z kids are doing these User Page introductions to promote themselves to potential online friends, and if there's anything I can call a stretch, it's self-promotion. By now, you can either tolerate my speaking style or you secretly want to commit Alt-f4 because of it. So, for that, congratulations.

Oh, I'm actually supposed to introduce myself? Told you I wasn't good at this.

To best describe myself in the Stick RPG 2 Wiki, it's pretty much me exploring my passions and interests in the form of cringing at mistake-ridden contributions, comments, correcting them myself, and even a little other things that piqued my interests from time to time. What you'll be getting from me are edits with somewhat competent corrections and analyses that don't waste too much of your time. You're just getting me. If you have been somehow convinced by this introduction, then join me in my quest to do...things.

Is that enough? Gottverdammt.