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Vinnie's Goon is an associate of Vinnie, possibly taking on the of a bodyguard or accomplice. He is always found at Vinnie's side: at Wally Mart during the morning, and at Vinnie's from evening till night. He possesses one of the four rare trophemon birds.

Trophemon Quest


At Wally-Mart:

"Move along."

At Vinnie's:

"You got business, talk to Vinnie."

"Man I need a smoke." (if you have cigarettes/cigars)"

"Thanks Mom. Geez, these guys..." (if denied cigarettes/cigars)"

"Nah nah... I need a cigar. I don't smoke this trash." (when given cigarettes)"

"I only smoke cigars." (after giving cigarettes)

"Cubans! Alright! Hey, you got a light?" (when given cigars) (+3 Charm)

"Well, now I need a lighter." (after giving cigars)

"Hey, you came through again - good stuff. You want this funny lookin' bird I found hiding in the roof? Here, take it." (when given a lighter) (+3 Charm, Trophemon)

"Great work on the cigars." (after quest completion)"