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Wally-Mart (stylised as Wally ! Mart) is a large store building on the Third Island of Paper Thin City. It can be purchased in the bank for $3,800,000. Wally-Mart is also the home of The Grand Trump, who offers the Rock Star profession.

Business Hours

Wally-Mart follows this schedule.

Morning Open
Night Closed

Purchasable Items

Wally-Mart has several items that you can purchase.

Item Price Price (with Discount Shopper cheat) Description Use
Toilet Paper Roll $2 $1 "Regular roll of TP...because you never know when you need it. Used to get the Sledgehammer from the Guy on the John in Skye's Bar.
Alarm Clock $400 $200 "This alarm clock will help you get up earlier. And angrier." Bedroom item; wakes the player up earlier
Crack Book Pro $3,700 $1,850 "Soon there will be two kinds of people. Those who use computers, and those who use Crackbooks. It's the laptop for the rest of us. Think differently." Required for the Hacker profession
Coma-Snooze Bed $2,200 $1,100 "This bed will help you get up earlier." Bedroom item; wakes the player up earlier
Painkillers $85 $42 "After wiping off some well-settled grit & grime, it appears that these aren't 'Pain Killers' at all. The label reads 'Excruciatingly Painful Human Killers'." Given to the Suicidal Goth Dude in the 1st Island (Negative Karma route)
Self Help Book $120 $60 "This book will help you get your life back on track (or your money back)" Given to the Suicidal Goth Dude in the 1st Island (Postive Karma route)


The following NPCs can sometimes be seen in Wally-Mart:

Name Purpose Notes
Guy at the Till Sells items Appears at random, all day except Night
Girl at the Till
The Grand Trump Resident; Offers the Rock Star profession Appears all day except Evening. He can be seen sleeping on the couch at Night, if the player uses the Time Traveler cheat.
Security Nothing; just dialogue Appears all day except Night
Wally Mart Greeter
Vinnie Appears in the Morning
Vinnie's Goon
Joe 'The Tooth' Malhony
Foreman George
Cyrus Appears in the Afternoon and Evening
Westside Gangster
Rene Appears occasionally; "Ceci n'est pas une vie" stands for "This is not a life"
Creepster Marlo Nothing; can be given the Bacon Flavored Narwhal Appears in the Morning


  • Wally-Mart shares the same music theme as Ice Cream 32.
  • A reference to "Wallmart."