Wally mart

Wally Mart is the main grocery store in Paper Thin City. It is an obvious play on the real store, Walmart. There are various assortment of items, including furniture, and random boxes on the shelves however, you cannot buy these. The Job of a Rock star can be aquired by The Grand Trump.


Item Price
Toilet Paper Roll $2
Alarm Clock $400
Crack Book Pro $3,700
Coma-Snooze Bed $2,200
Painkillers $85
Self Help Book




Wally Mart Greeter - Welcome to Wally Mart!

Second time: We have the lowest prices on everything, made by anything... ever.

Security - We let the Grand Trump live here. The man is a legend, after all.

Guy at the till -On behalf of the Wally Mart Corporation, LTD, all rights reserved, I would like to wish you a pleasant day.

Frank - Frank like alarm clock. Frank want alarm clock.

Some Lady - Those are some really pretty earrings.

Second time: Ooh, shiny.

Vinnie - You wanna' talk, you stop by my place this evening. I may have a job for youz.

Vinnie's Goon - Move along.

Foreman George - I need a new forklift...think I'm out of luck.

Second time: 600 bags of cement, 3 boxes of lucky charms and a case balls? Who made this list?

Lauri - This one has less fat.

Simon - This one has less salt.

Second time: And it's a dollar less!

Creepster Mario - I'm just watching.

Second time: From the shadows...


  • Rockstar
  • Requires: Charm, Strength, and a Guitar from Steel and Hawk.
    • Roadie- $40
    • Noodler- $63
    • Garage Rocker- $89
    • Indie Rocker- $123
    • Touring Musician- $152
    • Recording Artist- $188
    • Major Label Artist- $232
    • Rock Star- $277
    • Big In Japan- $325
    • Bigger than The Beatles- Platinum Record, $390


Frank -- Getting an alarm clock.

Foreman George -- Buying building material, and "...a case of tennis balls? Who made this list?".

Vinnie -- Buying beer with his Goon.

Vinnie's Goon -- Buying beer.

A Lady -- Buying earrings

Simon -- Assisting Lauri on buying foods.

Lauri -- Buying foods.

Westside Gangster -- Buying rolls of Toilet Paper.

The Grand Trump -- You can get a job from him. He lives in Wally Mart.

Cyrus -- Looking at a picture.

Creepster Marlo -- Watching people.


  • The Grand Trump, if you use the pass time cheat, is sleeping on the couch behind the guy at the Male Clerk.
  • All the shelves are filled with random boxes. Foreman George is buying a forklift, and those boxes cannot be forklifts. So, they could be ordering forms or something.
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