Weapons are battle items designed to inflict damage to anybody who is in a fight with you. A fight is almost impossible to win without the help of a weapon since your fists alone do not damage enemies very well. You cannot use weapons in a boxing match.

Weapon Types

There are two types of weapons: melee and ranged. Ranged weapons are used to shoot enemies from a distance and melee weapons are used to harm anybody right in front of you. To be a masterful fighter, one must learn how to use ranged and melee weapons.

Melee Weapons

Name Levels (1-3) Description Key
Fists Fist Default melee weapon. Does little damage. The fists are the only weapons allowed in a boxing match fight. 1
Baseball Bats Old, Major League, Hall of Fame Baseball Bats are the first level of melee weapons. The basic level is weak but the last upgrade is nothing to sneeze at. 2
Katanas Ornamental, Carbon Steel, Masamune Slashing weapons complete with sheaths to go along with them so you don't cut yourself by mistake. They have a good range and great power. 3
Sledgehammers Old Weathered, Heavy, Super Powerful weapons unrivaled by any other weapons of it's kind. Has a slow swing time. 4

Ranged Weapons

Name Levels Description Key
Pistols Pistol, Glock, Doomsday Glock Good damage, good aim, and good reloading time. 5
Shotguns Single Barrel, Double Barrel, Combat A lot of power compressed into a single shot. Needs time to reload though. 6
Machine Guns Machine Gun, AK-47, Secret Weapon

A good amount of damage put into several bullets and fully automatic.


Director's Cut Weapons

Name Levels Description Key
Zappy Hat Zappy Hat, Electro Helmet, Tesla Helmet Creates a field of electricity around you to electrify people. AOE damage. 4
Chainsaw 45cc, 55cc, 70cc Not only can it turn people to mincemeat, it is required to become a lumberjack. 2
Flamethrower Homemade, Modified, Nova A powerful weapon assembled from various tools found in your everday life. Nothing to see here. Just a massive weapon of destruction. Carry on. 6
Railgun Prototype, Blast Cannon, Auto-Railer Looks like a piece of the future! Best weapon but freaking expensive! 5
Minigun Minigun, Chaingun, The King The Minigun is a multi-barrel heavy machine gun with a high rate of fire. It is very effective in Stick RPG 2. 7
Glowy/Laser Sword Green, Light, Dark Resembles a light saber from Star Wars . The weapon is also featured in Stick Arena Ballistic. 3


  • The flamethrower and the sledgehammer are the only weapons requiring assembly.
  • Since there is another construction roadblock on the Second Island, there may be a new set of weapons if there is a Fifth Island.
  • Aside from getting the Director's Cut, the Director's Cut weapons can also be seen on late-game dungeons.
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