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Pink: Ice Cream 31; Black: Gameavble (North), Basement (South); White: Skate or Cry?; Orange: Joe's Pizza Palace; Red: Gangstar HQ [sic]; Lave Gold: Wall (Lines), Easy G.Y.M. (Rectangle); Green: Stickbucks; Brown and Grey: Unknown Building; Lavender: Dukin's Donut Palace; Blue: Police Station; Sky: Xgen Studio.

Westside is the beginning area (First Island) (where you land) in Stick RPG 2. It has many different facilities to use, such as the Police Station, if you wish to buy an ID (will give you positive karma), XGen Studios for the Game Designer career branch, your first dwelling (The Basement), a gym where you can bulk up, which helps with various jobs/quests, StickBucks (an obvious parody of StarBucks) even fighting gangsters at night (very challenging without guns), and many other businesses and careers.


Westside is portrayed as a town ridden with crime, bad housing, weaponry, and dodgy businesses. Many of the careers that are available in Westside are affiliated with illegal actions, such as "dealing", hacking, pimping, and graffiti.

Amongst the bad nature of the town, there seems to have been a war against the Eastside (mobsters) and the Westside (gangsters). This information was given by Liam (the graffiti artist found near the Basement at night) who's relative is in the Westside gang. The taggers represent the Westside by spray painting their name all over town (as can be seen).

Paper Thin City


Police Station

The Police Station can be found when walking/skating/hovering/running near the end of the Westside. Inside, you can buy an ID to enter bars and special shops, give narcotics to Narcotics Division Dave, and lend money to the Nigerian Prince. However, giving money to the Nigerian Prince is somewhat stupid as he will not pay you back until day 1065


StickBucks can be located when reaching the top of the Westside. StickBucks offers a Job requiring no skills, and sells food that can be consumed to refill the player's health and to increase charm.

Ice Cream 32

Ice Cream 32 is an ice cream shop located on the north-west side of Westside. Inside, the player is able to purchase various ice cream desserts as well as take the Ice Cream Tester job.